“Four Sisters” Documentary to Premiere in Austin, Texas this Monday!

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Four Sisters is a project from writer-director Caley Cook. It was meant not necessarily as a documentary, but as a conversation. Too often, survivors of suicide suffer in silence, unaware of the experiences of those around them. Four Sisters was meant to elicit conversation about suicide, because it’s not a dirty secret. The film includes original music from West Coast artists whose music embodies the emotional struggle of the women in Four Sisters. All profits above the cost of the film will go towards suicide support groups in the Austin, San Diego, and Seattle areas. Director Caley Cook pursued Four Sisters after she lost her own brother in December 2007. Cook pursued the film by herself, filming intimate interviews with the women about their experiences and what they wish others could know about suicide loss. The film will premiere in Austin, Texas, on April 7 and will have a worldwide release May 9.

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I lost my brother Brian, my only sibling, to suicide on October 13, 2010. I write about dealing with the loss as well as my own life-long struggle with depression and suicidal ideation.

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    1. Hi there! It will be released digitally for purchase in May! I’ll post the info on my blog when I have it available from the film’s director!

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